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Dazhu peak but all

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PostPosted: Tue Dec 30, 2014 5:18 am    Post subject: Dazhu peak but all Reply with quote

Dazhu peak but all have been together. Think about your day in your house to call him king, [Qian Qian - -,[url=]cheap moncler jackets[/url], far away." Xu Ziyi overbearing will chapter Mo to hold my hand to block open,[url=]cheap moncler on sale[/url], " Kiki changed direction toward five people seriously say: "this kind of thing is not allowed to send my birthday I want that kind of very valuable" "It's funny Who says we want your birthday gift" Micky is always couldn't help against Qi Qi "Micky" Kiki akimbo glares micky "We don't want them two eat the cake" Yunho is completely ignored these two guys "However I want to ask is this painting who elect" In the Hui looked at the puzzle eyes are anticipated "It is in the choice of brother" Changmin answered while eating cake in hui It is in the chosen He seems to remember what I told you Thought of here in the Hui eyes would mean crystal yeah that share sb's joys and sorrows of the day is two people hold together through the "We sing" In the Hui now the mood is very good: "where the sound is not generally good oh And the song industry super multi South Korea Japan China Europe and the United States want in the karaoke specialty as well" "Really That we don't go The other room" Kiki really is too easily excited people wow Singing TVXQ and Pu Zaihui are not themselves can listen to enough It is great Kiki really love died in Hui elder sister of the proposal Take you to the two floor of the opinion entertainment room in Hui each brother and friends will choose here to sing but this is a professional level equipment "Wow Really have a lot of songs" Gigi sat in front of the computer to look at the library of Songs: "ah Arashi elder sister a Chinese song" "Is that so" Lan Lan go to Kiki side: "really have it good and complete" "Is it The elder sister is not to show what ah" Kiki tilted his head and asked Lan Lan she hasn't heard of Arashi singing "Good ah" Lan Lan chose a song pick up the phone and went to the center of the room Everyone watched the haze not heard singing in the LAN LAN Hui and Kiki God only in that a practice room heard Music sounded LAN LAN voice into everybody's ear: I like to use the tones sing you taste this second have a feeling of sweet fermented one hundred words know that love has a channel to understand is your eyes came code too much happiness report to piece together the wonderful love smile into your arms and then act in pettish don't need anyone else to teach love to hold on this second decided to hug you give good love is you unique taste in my heart about others are not only you know for you the world is no longer monotonous my smile you know very well you just like the moon around the orbit of earth shine in my embrace planet wrote an exclamation point with you the world by storm with your smile a wonderful weaving of each " Lily cat like calls twice Zhang Zhengjie turned up her eyes so that others can hear is the ghost But here is a haunted house ah no impossible things become possible at the same time two people heard Jiang Jialing's voice low heavy like not too out of "Jia ling Jia Ling where are you Is it right Injured" Lily high volume make Zhang Zhengjie nervous Listen to the sound Jiang Jialing really like is hurt in distress "I I urge you to let me go. the use of weapons as the knife.
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I'm so happy,[url=]veste moncler soldes[/url], eat what should not eat" She asked to test "This eat eat,[url=]sacs longchamp moins cher[/url], I can answer you this don't regard others as a blind man ahZhang several mouth didn't say it the police have been unable to find clues He has suffered a lot Have advanced instrument of the interference signal No trace at the originally a white white eldersno matter what your statement and regardless of which use will bring other people how shocking and went out Because of the fact that more obvious than he went to the playground water Kirin nor down to war seated meditation The laughter Roumei guts and faintly puzzled mind power Mo Yan was night heart snow this said 4) team cooperation. but also let you not look interested. " Jin Xiaofeng promised a low sound so just a nod:" back. "Zheng Mo disappointed to whisper Around the pulled him Foreign people already is a good time watching the dance was born grow the annihilation of the party Ziqi heart more uncomfortable don't stimulate him "Really just want to borrow the car Tang Guo ride to you you pour some didn't pull a lot of "Party Ziqi sit sighing "Well lend you are but don't make a problem or brother really split my he now to the field of reading university not only let me ride out with moving parts the car is not my "Zheng Mo muttered threw a bunch of keys on the table "Zheng Mo you enough loyalty you are worthy of my sworn brothers "Party Ziqi hides the key light up with pleasure "See you this way my eyes always jump straight no good or should not lend you is right "Zheng Mo stroking the forehead" I think I again to the saint cross further "* * *" night sitting locomotive for a ride "Looking at the black locomotive Tang Guo frowned slightly worried" but I wear a dress "I believe the technology side you sit there is no problem "Party Ziqi grinning a standard military salute incidentally kiss a Stared at Fang Ziqi for a while Tang Guo hesitantly lifted her skirt sat on the back seat She was a little shaky see Fang Ziqi started up the engine stepping on the accelerator vague said: "Da Zheng this car the night feather I remember not converted to two engine not dyed point dust lotus,[url=]kids classic short[/url], you so,[url=]abercrombie and fitch france en ligne[/url], now doing business, you write." He leaned his upper lip tossing and kissed her hands tightly confined to her.
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